Evaluated Projects

Evaluated Project
Cognitive Intelligent Agents for Infrastructure Management
Malware Anomaly Detection
Veterans Admin Voice Analytics
Call Quality Degradation Identification
Identification of Repeat Caller
Call Center Degradation Authentication
Foot Orientation and Position Detection
Tracking Member Activity for improved experience
Interactive Voice Response LOB Net Promoter Score Improvements
Provider True Claim Recovery Improvement
Claim Attachment Classifications for COB
Chronic Disease Prediction
Interactive Voice Response LOB2 Authentication Improvements
Reduce Repeat Callers in California
Dental Provider Matching Improvement
Dental Claim Matching Improvement
Care Pathways – Quality and Efficiency
Provider Type Pick Improvement
Change Management Risk Prediction
Weight Loss Program Prediction
Health Risk Prevention by Friction Reduction
Cardiovascular Disease Prediction in Emergency Departments
Cognitive Intelligent Agents for Desktop Hardware
Call Transcription using Automated Speech Recognition
Use EHR data for hyper personalization of consumer recommendations
AI-driven Recommendation Platform
Technology Project Resource Size Prediction
Heart Rate Variability Calculate & Optimize Prediction Accuracy
Real Claim Subrogation Identification
Predict End of Program Systolic Blood Pressure
Increase Authentication rates for incoming toll free numbers
Determine Customer Experiences that led to Social Media Posts
Clinical Documentation Classification
Call Data Content Analytics Improvement
Identify Opioid Use Disorder Facilities related to Fraud
Information Security Anomaly Detection
Cyber Intrusion Anomaly Detection
Medical Identity Theft Prediction
Pre-cachexia Identification using Deep Learning
Claim Resubmission Prediction
Improve HouseCalls Success
Speech Transcription via Kaldi Improvements
Speech Enabled Medical Records Processing
Authentication Focused Simplification of Interactive Voice Response
Heart Skin Wearables Project
Enable Deep Learning on Spark instances
Clinical Summarization for Nurses
Identification of Spoken Credit Card Numbers
HouseCalls Acceptance Predictor for LOB3
Global Repeat Caller across LOBs
Multi-Policy Authentication Failure Prediction
Heart rate prediction from IMU data only
Claim Appeals Triage
Predict Specific Provider versus Provider Type
Recommend Reimbursement Level per Admission
Translation Dynamic Boilerplate Documents to 16 Languages
Customize and Apply Simplified Interactive Voice Response to LOB5
Build a Natural Language Processing for healthcare Platform
Translation Service for Healthcare Communications
Predict and Eliminate Call Mis-routing
Post Call Survey Sentiment Analysis
Claim Overpayment Predictions
Predict Claim Credit Resolution Time
Predict Claim Rejection
Predict Medical Prior Authorization Category
Email Type Identification for Financial Services
Malnutrition Prediction
Healthcare-based Voice Processing Platform
Provider Pick for LOB4
Substance Relapse Prediction and Monitoring
Self Tuning Utterances for Member Id and DOB
Medical Record Document Identification
Intelligent Agents for Prior Authorization
Multichannel Consumer Feedback Predictions
Speed Claim Editing while improving quality
Use Machine Learning for better results in a Weight Loss Program
Predict Illness from Voice Analysis
Clickstream Analytics for LOB5
Simplify Provider-Identity Process for LOB3
Provider Recommendations for Next Best Steps in Care
Improve Member and Provider Satisfaction
AI for Medication Prompting
Adaptive Social Network for Customer-centric Support System
Cost Predictor for Newly Approved Drugs
Personalized Costs Forecasting Patients with Chronic Disease
Early Disease Prediction and Intervention
Use Large-Scale Claim data to Predict and Reduce Unnecessary Hospitalization
Use Claim Data to Identify Clinical Evolution and Progression of Cancers
Clinical Text Analysis
Improve Quality of Provider Network Design
Analyze Pauses in Calls
Ensure Higher Payment Integrity for LOB2
Bundled Payment Policy Correctness
Provider Fraud Predictions
Personal Health Assistant
Improve Customer Satisfaction around Claim Denials
More Cost Effective EMR Data Exchange
Transcription and Summarization of Calls for Special Needs
Medical Prior Authorization Improvements
HouseCalls Clinical Assistance
Cognitive Agents used in Mesos Environment
Text note evaluation for process improvement
Predict Next Best Action Based on History of Calls and Claims
Classify Providers for Education
Extend Capabilities of VMWare Agent using AI
Use Intelligent Agents to better manage Critical Infrastructure
Payment Card Industry security enhancements using AI
Intelligent Agents for State Government Processes
Federal Agency Medical Next Best Action for their population
Natural Language processing for best answers to benefits questions
Large Commercial Partner Call Center improvements using AI
Summarize Live Clinical Provider-Patient interactions
Claims Resubmissions Value Forecasting
ER Visit Prediction from Historic Claims
Consumer Experience Improvement for Large Commercial Partner
Veterans Disability Deep Learning Prediction
Video Conferencing Intelligent Agents
Individual Master Data Management Matching
Predicting Error in Security System using AI
Natural Language Inferences without OCR
Predict Delinquent Premium Payment Customers
Financial Systems Improvements
Verbatims Post-Call Survey Classification
Outgoing Call recordings
Chart Operations and NPI Identification
Claims Manual Adjudication and Rework Reduction
Passive Voice Bio Identification and Authentication
Fraud Detection using AI
Pick and Validate Provider
Five Types of Diabetes Clustering
Call Routing Based on Speech Content
System Reliability Engineering using Intelligent Agents
Speech-driven Chatbot with Memory
Population Survey Inference Engine
Audio Transcription enhanced Chatbots
Non-Clinical Remote Patient Monitoring
Recognizing Urgent Rx Prior Auth Requests
Nurse Voicemail Summary for Transplants
Provider Pick enhancements for limited volumes
HouseCalls Predictor for Cohorts
Call Quality Enhancements via Integrated Datasets
Simplify Interactive Voice Response
Extract ICD10 Codes from Medical Charts
Net Promotor Score Improvements
Health Services Alternate Location Prediction
Multiple diseases prediction
Prescribing Instructions Parsing and Understand
Physician Assistant Near Real Time Call Summarization
Translate Policies to Computable Contracts
Claims Automation enhanced by AI
Infant Biometric ER Re-admission Prediction
Formulary Validation and Change Recommendation
Optimize Transition of Care Planning
Extension Denials Prediction
Irregular Calls Identification
Care Quality Improvements for Hospitals
VMWare Agent
Behavioral Health Clinical Voicemail Accuracy
Agent License Capacity Forecasting
Call Volume Spike Predictions
State of the Art Speech Recognition
Extract Data from Scanned Documents
Extend Voicemail Assitant with better ASR
Ingest Clinical Data using Concept Graph
Use AI for Proprietary Information Security
Compare Rx Chatbot to other options
Enterprise Information Security Anomaly Detection
Business Operations Conversation Manager
Firewall Rules Policy Approval
Automate Access Request Approvals
Identity Proofing using AI
Codec Anomaly Detection and Identification
Email Spam Detection
Utterances Transcription
Neuro-degenerative Diseases Detection
Call Source Optimization
Medication Adherence
Medication Adherence Interventions
Live Utterance Recognizer
AI Platform integration
Identify outlier ESX hosts
Claim Resubmission Interventions
Cardiovascular Recovery using AI
Exercise Adherence for Cardiovascular Recovery
Service-Now Incident Automation
Shadow Performance and Resource Consumption
Member Identification Classifier
Medical Device Intervention
Clinical Assistant Extraction
Net Promoter Score Improvements
Behavioral Health Clinical Voicemail Summary
Claim Denials Resolution before Rejection
Clinical Documentation Segmentation
Clinical Intervention to Improve Patient Outcomes
Clinical Voicemail Summarization
Consumer Feedback Prediction
Credit Card identification on Call recordings
De-identification of Medical information
Enhance Enterprise Role Based Security using AI
Enhance Medical Records for Accessibility
Heart Failure Prediction from Wearables
Identify Standard and Non-Standard Contract Language
Medical Identity Fraud
Medical Prior Authorization Screening
Medication Prompting using AI
Net Promoter Score Improvements for LOB3
Next Steps in Care for Specialty Drugs
Provider Contract Term Tagging
Provider Longitudinal Record Clusters
Provider Speech Converted Directly to Bill
Provider Stale Data Classification
Reduce Costs of Chronic Diseases
Reduce Over-payments cost by improving Claim Linkage
Risk Adjustment Framework
Rx Claim Rejects Eventually Paid
Virtual Personal Health Assistant
Wearable sensor to evaluate effectiveness of interventions
House Calls Incentives
Increase Call Authentication Rates